As a first-generation college graduate, I recognize the importance of fully-funded K-12 public schools. I will support our children, teachers, and each of our neighborhood schools.

Three top education priorities include:

1) Advocating for our Students

Our youth today are our next generation of leaders. From Pre-K to Higher Ed, we need to focus on their well-being and growth while creating greater educational opportunities for them to succeed and have flourishing careers in Arizona.

2) Supporting our Teachers

Investing in our teachers is not only a matter of fiscal policy; it is essential to the future success of our state. We need to retain our talented educators and demonstrate our commitment to education by keeping dollars in the classroom with each state budget.

3) Fully-Funding our K-12 Public Schools

Nationally, Arizona remains 48th out of 50 in per pupil funding, and our current and future economy depends on a more robust and educated workforce. We need to properly invest in our schools in order to meet the needs of our growing state.