Affordable Housing

In 2021, average rents went up almost 30% in Phoenix and Maricopa County continues to be one of the fastest growing counties in the U.S. I will work collaboratively on addressing rising costs of rent and Arizona's housing shortage in order for the cost of living to be more affordable for everyone.

Three of our top housing priorities include:

1) Tackling Rising Rents

Over the past two years, average rents went up almost 30% in Phoenix. I support a holistic approach to addressing the rising cost of living in our state, and that begins with assisting renters who are trying to make ends meet.

2) Addressing Arizona’s Housing Shortage

With Maricopa County continuing to be one of the fastest-growing counties in the U.S., it is a priority of mine to expand Arizona’s housing supply to meet the needs of our growing state. I will continue to work collaboratively to remove barriers to building more housing and support Arizonans achieve homeownership.

3) Sheltering Our Homeless Neighbors

There is perhaps no greater issue that I hear about in our district than to better support unsheltered individuals living on the streets, exacerbated during our extreme summers. In 2022, I introduced HB 2634 in order to generate more revenue for Arizona's Housing Trust fund without increasing state taxes. We need to help seniors and families transition into permanent housing by expanding new emergency and transitional shelters statewide.