Working for District 26 and the State of Arizona.

State Senator Flavio Bravo

Meet The Candidate

Flavio Bravo

A fifth-generation Arizonan, Flavio proudly embraces his family’s Mexican-American heritage and believes that West Phoenix’s cultural diversity is a strength. As a grandson of both a U.S. veteran and an Arizona copper miner, and a nephew of a United Farm Worker organizer, Flavio grew up with a deep admiration for the civil and labor rights movements and is committed to building off the progress made by those before him.

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2024 Endorsements

We're proud to have overwhelming support from community partners across Arizona.

  • AEA Fund for Public Education

    Arizona Education Association

  • AFL-CIO Arizona

    American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations


    American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees

  • Ironworkers Local 75

  • Teamsters 104

  • UFCW Local 99

    United Food and Commercial Workers

  • Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona

  • Sierra Club

    Grand Canyon Chapter

  • Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry

  • Greater Phoenix Chamber

  • Arizona Technology Council

  • Arizona Realtors

  • National Organization For Women Arizona

  • Human Rights Campaign

  • Arizona State Troopers Association

  • Arizona Police Association

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Top Priorities

  • Education

    As a first-generation college graduate, I recognize the importance of fully-funded K-12 public schools. I will support our children, teachers, and each of our neighborhood schools. Three top priorities include: 1) Advocating for our Students, 2) Supporting our Teachers and 3) Fully-Funding our K-12 Public Schools.

  • Labor & Workforce Development

    All workers deserve a living wage, paid sick leave, and safe working conditions. I will work to expand and protect the right to collectively bargain without intimidation or harassment across our state. Three top priorities include: 1) Occupational Work Licenses, 2) Union-led Working Improvements, and 3) Protecting Workers' Rights.

  • Healthcare

    No one should be denied access to affordable and comprehensive healthcare based on their personal circumstances. I will work to expand access to public health resources across our community because we are collectively stronger when these barriers are removed. Three top priorities include: 1) Reducing Healthcare Costs, 2) Making Healthcare More Accessible, and 3) Creating a Healthier Arizona.

  • Affordable Housing

    In 2021, average rents went up almost 30% in Phoenix and Maricopa County continues to be one of the fastest growing counties in the U.S. I will work collaboratively on addressing rising costs of rent and Arizona's housing shortage in order for the cost of living to be more affordable for everyone. Three top priorities include: 1) Tackling Rising Rents, 2) Addressing Arizona’s Housing Shortage, and 3) Sheltering Our Homeless Neighbors.

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